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About Us

At Best Choice Driving School, Safety and satisfaction are our trademarks.

Based on the feedback of the driving school market, "Best Choice Driving School" made the decision to offer services of a quality school and to keep pace with others excellency by delivering:

Affordable prices commensurate with the services

Timely pick ups

Courteous and satisfactory services to the students

Services in compliance with the rules of the New York State Dept. of Motor Vehicles

Best Choice Driving school is committed to offer high quality instructions to its students and the package includes:

5 hour pre-licensing course by qualified instructors

Learning driving practices packaged to suit your financial affordability

Road test Practice

Pick up and Drop off services

Our total approach takes into consideration affordability, quality and integrity. Our instructors focus on the development of good driving habits like signaling at all times, being careful of potential hazards on the road when changing lanes and leaving the curb.

"Best Choice Driving School" goal is to make its driving school students pass the road test. Students who complete all requirements at best choice driving school in accordance with the DMV are ready to handle and face road conditions challenges

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